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Oumnia caftan

Welcome to our store, the online shopping platform that offers you original and upscale designs created by independent talents.

We have picked a name for our foundation in light of the first implying that served the Moroccan caftan market. Our name is a term from the Berber language and is drilled, and it implies that piece of fabric in which a heap of garments is frequently positioned or decorations and all that is not difficult to convey, and which associates its corners or its four sides to one another. To safeguard the parts and simplicity of development. Before, sellers (for the most part ladies) conveyed the baksha to business sectors or homes to offer items to clients.

The objective of our site is to present the Moroccan caftan overall and make it among the best forms on the planet
The proverb of our site is quality most importantly. Every one of our items are dependent upon quality checks with our craftsman accomplices. All kaftans are handcrafted.

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